​cordially invites you to The Great And Powerful Og's party in the

Ready Party One is Los Angeles Comic Cons' OFFICIAL afterparty!

Accept no substitutes!

there are no exclusive lists!

Forget those industry jams you can never get into.

Ready Party One is for everyone!

VIP and GA tickets available, and booths/bottle service are available for anyone who wants to flaunt their player ranking levels.

Experience Level Entertainment will create an immersive experience into The Oasis to accent this nostalgic journey through musical time and space.


Check back in our Facebook event as we announce various guests, experiences, and instagram-ready moments!


There totally isn't one, cause in The Oasis you can find, earn, or buy whatever skin you like so any of your favorite costumed characters are fine, even the base level skin w/ jeans and a t shirt!


That said, we know SDCC brings out the best in everyone and we want to challenge you to design yourself as you'd want your avatar to look! Create your own stylized online avatar equipped with enchanted items, stylistic armor, sleek cutlines, flowing capes, enhanced goggles, crazy top hats, whatever you like! Let your inner creativity out and become a part of the fun! Get out of the stacks and into the action!


Where you'll be joined by celebrity guests and get a chance to pick up our exclusive swag bag filled with fun artifacts!


Reserve your table at “Aech’s Basement” for only $150, or be one of the lucky ones with a table on the Distracted Globe dance floor in all of the action with the best views of the event for $225! Only 9 total tables available and you can let us know what bottle you’d like to start with and we’ll have it waiting for you! **Each table comes with a 1 bottle minimum, payable at the venue, with prices starting at $250/bottle**



WHERE: Globe Theater, 8740 S. Broadway. Los Angeles, CA.

WHEN: Saturday, Oct 12th, 8pm to 2am


*While you may have a ticket, should the venue hit capacity you may be made to wait. You are encouraged to arrive as early as you can in the evening and enjoy the long haul :)

**This is a fan event and not affiliated with Ready Player One nor the studio that produced it, we just wanna live in The Oasis.

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